One of the most difficult jobs in the shop is choosing what to stock.

When I first started there was a lot of Doctor Who merchandise in the shop as that’s what I really liked and so got carried away with all the cool stuff.  I mean, there was just so much of it!!

I do sometimes still get carried away, as you’d know if you read the blog about notebooks!  But it is all a learning process.  I’ve made mistakes along the way as I’m sure most people in business have.  As long as you learn from it and don’t repeat it then it’s all good.

Posters are the hardest things to choose, there is just so many of them!  And you can have 3 or 4 (or more!) designs for one show/film/game.  It’s worse if it’s something I don’t know.  That’s when I call on other people to help me decide which is the coolest of the designs.

Chatting with reps from suppliers is always helpful too.  They can tell us what are their best sellers or about any new designs and products coming out soon.  Likewise, big product fairs are good to attend so we can see what’s new.

But ultimately, the most important input is from you, our customers.  Just by coming and buying or asking for things helps us understand what you like and what you want.  We notice the trends with regard to films coming out and TV shows ending or a new game being announced.

As those of you with whom I have chatted know, we really do try to know our stuff about as much of the products we sell as we can.  We try and keep our knowledge up to date by watching films and shows or online clips of games so that when you come in, we can talk to you about the things YOU love.  Even if it means getting hooked on another new show!!

So if you are looking for an independent shop to buy your merchandise from then you know where to come.  We look forward to chatting with you soon.



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