Oh I do have a problem with stationery!  Anyone else?  I think the worst it’s been is just before Christmas last year when we had a total of 27 different designs of notebooks.

When we look at purchasing notebooks, we always look for three things 1) quality 2) affordability 3) awesome designs.  We want you to love them as much as we do.  This is why you will usually find two different types of notebooks in stock.

Spiral Bound – these notebooks are usually on the more affordable end of the scale.  The pages are lightweight, lined paper with logos on each corner.  We try to get a variety of designs in the spiral bound notebooks.  We love these for school, college and business as you can fold them in half, taking up less space on your desk.

Premium – these notebooks are usually leather look and debossed with logos on the front cover.  Although we have had some furry and fluffy ones in before!  The pages are a thicker quality paper, usually plain and with a logo in the corner.  As the name suggests, these are usually a little more expensive but beautifully crafted and perfect for a whole host of uses.

I do try not to get too carried away but there are so many amazing designs out there it gets quite difficult.  Our notebook stocks are usually at their highest between September and Christmas.

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