Clearly, I was a bit geeky before I even thought about running my own shop selling geeky things.  I didn’t realise I was, I just enjoyed the things I liked.  It never occurred to me that you could actually go places and meet your on screen idols (or crushes!)  I mean, if you’d told my 13 year old self that I’d one day meet that cute guy from Stand By Me, I would have thought you were crazy!  But, in 2017, some 30 years later, that’s exactly what I did!

But let me take you back a little further ……. October 2011, my very first convention.  Eternal Twilight 6.  Only 7 years ago, but feels like another lifetime!  Earlier that year I’d immersed myself into the world of sparkly vampires created by Stephenie Meyer.  Twilight.   I was a bit late to the party and one of my friends told me about this awesome convention she’d been to and all these fantastic people she’d met and did I want to come with her next time.  YES!!  Absolutely please.  And so off I went.

I have to say it was like a completely different world.  Birmingham Hilton Metropole, near the NEC.  The whole convention was in the hotel, including the guests staying there.  If you’ve never been to a hotel con, there’s panels (talks), photos, autographs, meet & greets, coffee lounges and then themed parties at night.

I met a few of the wolf pack and some of the nomad vampires, had photos and autographs, went to a few talks and had a very good time.  The other fans I met were all amazing and I am still friends with most of them now.

With Chaske Spencer who played Sam Uley

I did more conventions like this, another Eternal Twilight one and a couple based on The Vampire Diaries.  I attended some as a trader, Supernatural and DC based hotel conventions and then we went to comic cons in Cardiff, Glasgow, Manchester and London.  But the one that we love the most, is Wales Comic Con in Wrexham (so much so I might just do a blog purely about that one).

As any of you who have been in the shop will know, I’ve had lots of photos taken with actors and always have a selection on display in the shop.  I definitely have been bitten by the comic con bug and, one day, I’ll get myself to America and meet some more of my idols (and crushes!)

Do please comment about your comic con experiences or pop in the shop and have a chat.

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